Sunday, September 6, 2009

Apple Pie

The fruit season gives a special attention about a specific taste and property of a fruit. Healthy life requires fresh fruit's is been identified by many people in the world and the demand of fruit's has increased a lot even in importing and exporting of fruit's.
Juice, Jam, Salad are the common recipes used more commonly check out few lovely fruit recipes
Apple pie:
Item's required:
Apple – 4 Numbers
Sugar – ¼ Cup
Sliced Bread – 10 to 15 Slices
Fresh cream – 1 Cup
Butter – 1 Table Spoon

                The very first step in this recipes is peel the apple's skin and remove the core and seed's cut the apple's into small pieces. Start cooking by mixing the apple piece and sugar with butter before the apple gets hot mix well with sugar and make it creamy. Mean while remove the corners of the bread and make in to powder by grinding it. Take the cooked apple which is now in a creamy state in a baking vessel and spray the bread powder over the cooked creamy apple for about ½ inch and press it harder and again put the cooked apple above the first layer in a spreading manner and again spray the bread powder over it and press it harder. Bake the mixture at 180° C till the mixture changes to golden brown in color apple pie is ready.  Serve with fresh cream nutritious apple pie.